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Adventures as the above title declared, the ride was remarkable awesome. Despite heavy rain splashed to our face, we managed to overcome & enjoyed the challenges given. Make it the best off road night ride ever. As for me, this is my first time doing the really off road night ride and the results was I can’t wait for another off road night ride.

We started our ‘CATEYE’ journey at about 8.45pm after all riders are ready with their stuff. Mark Adams takes the leads of 8 other crazy riders towards the rubber estates. Before we enter the off road, a head count is done to make sure everyone is there. 1,2,3 ... & 9 then off we go. The first few kilometers are on the stony road (gravel) with a little bit of downhill. It’s quite tricky for me to balance myself during this first stage as it was a little bit dark (Shaded by rubber tree). After we blast through the stony road then we arrived at the junction near the foothill. Once again a headcount is done. Everyone still here!.

We headed uphill towards radar station on a laterite road. This time I feel little bit tough to stay on a saddle even though I’ve done this before (D&P RRI Ride March 16). Maybe it’s due to the wet road and dark features that make me blank for a while. After pedal to pedal “man, man punya kayuh” we reached the radar station. “Smoking Time!”. After about 15 minutes we rest our heart pumping, Mark given a suggestion for the next route that we shall take. Shall we go through the “Cempedak” trail (SEA Games Race Trail) or just stick on a pussy road? After all the “Chicken Feels” is removed from our head, all of us decided to ride through the “Cempedak” and the “SIMBO” trails.

“Screech” sounds all the way as we go through the downhill. Thank God! Everyone doing it great. ‘Great’ until I’ve finished all my ‘CATEYE’ ammunition. Thanks to Mark who kind enough to lend me his spare rechargeable battery. After my ‘CATEYE’ is back on action again, we go through the rubber estate trail again with some downhill and side-by-side rubber tree trail. In the end we end up at the junction near the foothill. Once again a headcount is done and everyone is there. That was the end of our ‘CATEYE’ journey, despite some sounds of “Shall we go for another loop again”, “Still early ma! 10.50pm”. After all the suggestions was take into considerations, we have decided to head back to Banana Leaf. Yes! Into a neon ride.

A total of 20km was covered during the ride without any casualties. Yes! I’m proud to meet with all the crazy riders who didn’t bothered at all about the rain and do the marvelous ride! Thanks again to the organizer, Yong despite your ‘No ride’ sms to me! (I’m already in-front Batu Caves when I received your sms) and to the entire ‘CATEYE RIDERS’ Bravo!

Photo Images: Sg Pusu HOB - PCC Ride

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